I bought this Dermal clay cleanser along with the oily skin kit by dermalogica.

Years ago I had a bad reaction to a clay mask so I have stayed away from products containing clay since then.

My skin is so oily and as clay is an old “remedy” for that issue, I thought I should try and give it another go.  After all, I trust dermalogica and a lot of time has past maybe I wont react badly to this, plus it’s not a mask it’s milder than that.

Wouldn’t you know it, I was fine. This felt lovely, there is something slightly menthol to this cleanser  giving a  slightly cool and tingly sensation , but it feels very purifying, and not to drying which was my other concern.

I will continue to use this in conjunction with my other dermalogica products. I wont know for a couple of months whether this is working for my skin as I need time to test it out. but when I have concluded my experiment, I will report back.