China Glaze Nail Art

I recently purchased some more China Glaze ( I know as if i needed more polish) but this stuff is sooo cool. I thought these two varnishes were just pretty colours with a fine glitter but I was wrong they are so much more than that.

These are actually textured and are similar to Sand polishes, but with the added wow factor of a beautiful glistening twinkle.

I chose the pink colour Wish On A Starfish, it’s like a princess colour and has golden reflects in it. The second polish on the tip of my nail is called Seahorsin’ Around , when I saw this colour it made me think that if mermaids wore nail polish it would be this one. It reminds me of the way the light reflects off the turquoise sea, it is the ocean in a bottle with some added glitter to boot.

I decided to put both these colours together and I think they look really fun. Maybe a little bit like a disney movie as they are so cute and bright, but then I’ve always wanted to be the little mermaid…. just call me Arial.

I love these new China Glaze polishes from the Sea Goddess Collection from 8 different colours too choose from what’s your favourite? Mine is Seahorsin’ Around

Tilly xx