16 AUG 13 063 copy

I stopped buying  O.P.I, as it’s expensive and I always thought it took that little bit longer to dry  meaning inevitably I would smudge !! Argggg I hate smudging all my efforts. I just want to have pretty nails!!

However I have been lured back in by O.P.I  in the past year, I had forgotten how thick (in a good way) the varnishes are. One coat is practically enough. The quality is wonderful, and coupled with my seche vite top coat I don’t have to worry about drying time.

This vibrant summer berry colour is gorgeous.  In this photo I only used one coat of base and one of Koala Beary.

Make-up loves………. OPI Koala Beary

I also did a post about this varnish coupled with the Mariah Carey limited edition “Pure” which has white gold and silver leaf in it. check out the look here