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cockateil make up featured

I ask my friend “V” what does this make up look like. She said straight away a cockatiel of course! Is that a good thing? but as I already did a make up look called the Golden Whistler another bird inspired look. I thought I’d run with it. Maybe I’m all about the Birds. So I bring to you my Inglot Cockatiel makeup How-to.

eyeshadow cockatiel

These are the first eyeshadows I used, I don’t think it’s totally necessary to use No.41 as well, but I like a little shine from time to time.

grey cockateil eyeshadow step one

First apply the medium grey matte eyeshadow, I used Inglot Matte 387.

cockateil eyes step 2

  • Next I used a small pointed crease brush in deep brown. (MAC Embark)


  • I firstly applied the deeper matte lime green colour ( Inglot No. 51) and then put the shimmery shadow on top (Inglot Shine 41)

eyeshadow 2 cockateil


  • Line the upper lash line with liquid liner and wing it out
  • I then applied this dark muddy green colour underneath my eye (inglot 56) and winged it out following the line of my
  • I placed the shimmery white into the very corner of my eye

cockateil step 5

  • In between the black winged out liquid liner and the winged dark green liner I carefully placed the Matte white shadow (Mac Gesso)   with a stiff angled brush. FOR EXTRA DRAMA!

lips cockateil


  • I used this random no brand matte blush in a peachy brown colour.

cockatiel makeup

The finished look! Ta daaaaaaaaa. A lot of interesting colours going on. I really liked this look. Very different to what I usually wear in the day time.

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garden of eden sleek tilly 1

I am in love with this new sleek palette Garden Of Eden, it’s full of fresh greens and earthy toned neutrals. What more could a girl obsessed with green want.

I thought I’d whip up a quick look/ how to to celebrate my love for this new palette of mine.

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tilly-comic-look copy

Perhaps not a look you could wear to do the shopping in but it was fun to do, that’s for sure.

The night before I spent a million years (roughly) on my elaborate nail art design. My sister who was very impressed, said it reminded her of a pop art skirt I have, and then it came to me why stop at the nails when I could become Pop Art for one day.

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The Golden Whistler is a bird Native to Australia26 june 161 copy

Why? (I hear you cry) is this look called the “Golden Whistler”.Because that’s the name of a dark blue and bright yellow feathered  bird native to Australia, this bird also has a great name.

Does that answer your question? Because it shouldn’t, this is not actually the real bird I based my look on…………. Continue reading


Looking through my back log of make-up photo’s I’ve realized that maybe I love green a little too much. I can’t help it, I unashamedly embrace my love affair with this beautiful colour….. I did however think lining my water line with this forest green gel liner might clash, but I think these two very different toned greens look smashing.

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Make-up march14 018 copyTHISss copy


I was feeling fresh faced and happy as the sun was shining outside my window. I had just painted my nails a glossy pink and metallic periwinkle blue, and I thought ‘this looks great I should do this on my eyes’ and that’s exactly what I did.


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26 june 120 copy

26 june 117 copy

This was a simple look I achieved using Barry M  eye dusts. I love bold colours but sometimes I find it hard to pull of blues but this time I did good, so I thought I would share.

26 june 083 copy

The colour on the left is a Dazzle Dust No.98 and the one on the right is a Glitter Dust  No.20 Denim. I used the denim across the entire eyelid and blended it out. Next I placed the  Dazzle Dust  on the outer corner of my eye, this colour is very unusual it almost looks like oil slick, with hints of navy, teal and purple . I also used a white highlight in the inner corner of me eye, and a teal coloured eye pencil on the water line of my eyes.

26 june 122 copyIt’s as if I thought the big blues just weren’t bold enough so I added these pink bad boys to the look. This is a cool toned Mac  lipstick by the name of Saint Germain, it is oober bright! It’s a hard one to wear but if your brave enough go for it.

I hope you enjoyed.