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cockateil make up featured

I ask my friend “V” what does this make up look like. She said straight away a cockatiel of course! Is that a good thing? but as I already did a make up look called the Golden Whistler another bird inspired look. I thought I’d run with it. Maybe I’m all about the Birds. So I bring to you my Inglot Cockatiel makeup How-to.

eyeshadow cockatiel

These are the first eyeshadows I used, I don’t think it’s totally necessary to use No.41 as well, but I like a little shine from time to time.

grey cockateil eyeshadow step one

First apply the medium grey matte eyeshadow, I used Inglot Matte 387.

cockateil eyes step 2

  • Next I used a small pointed crease brush in deep brown. (MAC Embark)


  • I firstly applied the deeper matte lime green colour ( Inglot No. 51) and then put the shimmery shadow on top (Inglot Shine 41)

eyeshadow 2 cockateil


  • Line the upper lash line with liquid liner and wing it out
  • I then applied this dark muddy green colour underneath my eye (inglot 56) and winged it out following the line of my
  • I placed the shimmery white into the very corner of my eye

cockateil step 5

  • In between the black winged out liquid liner and the winged dark green liner I carefully placed the Matte white shadow (Mac Gesso)   with a stiff angled brush. FOR EXTRA DRAMA!

lips cockateil


  • I used this random no brand matte blush in a peachy brown colour.

cockatiel makeup

The finished look! Ta daaaaaaaaa. A lot of interesting colours going on. I really liked this look. Very different to what I usually wear in the day time.

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The Golden Whistler is a bird Native to Australia26 june 161 copy

Why? (I hear you cry) is this look called the “Golden Whistler”.Because that’s the name of a dark blue and bright yellow feathered  bird native to Australia, this bird also has a great name.

Does that answer your question? Because it shouldn’t, this is not actually the real bird I based my look on…………. Continue reading


Looking through my back log of make-up photo’s I’ve realized that maybe I love green a little too much. I can’t help it, I unashamedly embrace my love affair with this beautiful colour….. I did however think lining my water line with this forest green gel liner might clash, but I think these two very different toned greens look smashing.

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Once upon a time we all watched our beloved Disney cartoons in a distant land called childhood (and perhaps we still do from time to time despite being “all grown up”). One thing I noticed was that Purple seams to be the “bad guys” colour. The evil Queen from Snow White has two hues of purple eyeshadow, as well as Ursula from The little mermaid  who is quite literally purple!

evil_queen Walt-Disney-Production-Photos-Ursula-Vanessa-vanessa-from-the-little-mermaid-26019509-2560-1867

I created this look inspired by, the badies of Disney.

How I did this:

Make-up Dec 20 026 copyMake-up Dec 20 027 copy

  • First press Inglot No.39 a light pink/purple into the centre on the eye lid
  • Next take Inglot No.439 (a deeper purple) and place on the outer and inner third.

Make-up Dec 20 030 copy  Make-up Dec 20 037 copy

  • Create a high winged shape
  • Blend out well above the crease.

(Insure that the deeper colour doesn’t make the lighter pink too murky .)

Make-up Dec 20 042 copy


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NOV 8 Make-up 013 EDIT copy

A very bright and eye catching look. This is the kind of thing I would probably where to carnival……. or just because I get bored sometimes.

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At first when I tried this nail varnish I thought they didn’t go on as evenly as I would have liked and was quite thin and I needed to put an additional coat on (3 coats in total), but it dried very fast and despite not having put a top coat on it lasted chip free for longer than most of my nail varnishes so I am pretty impressed. They have every shade imaginable. I definitely want to buy some more. I also want to test out if some shades are better quality than others, in which case I will keep you posted.

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