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Make-up march14 018 copyTHISss copy


I was feeling fresh faced and happy as the sun was shining outside my window. I had just painted my nails a glossy pink and metallic periwinkle blue, and I thought ‘this looks great I should do this on my eyes’ and that’s exactly what I did.


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jade video 002 copy

I have fancy nails for once, Courtesy of Judi at Essential Beauty

I love the new Gwen stafani Collection, It’s true to say I am a magpie for bright colours and this pink called “Hey Baby”, and hey baby indeed, is beautiful bold and bright. It’s right up my street

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feb 16 MAKE-UP 024 copy

It was my birthday last week (wooooo whoooo) and I ended up receiving some wonderful gifts from my friends and family. I think they must know me very well as all together I received 3 lipsticks, and a lipstick gift box.

This is a review on The Illamasqua Lipstick Tramp. My friend pointed out she bought it because the name of the product reminded her of me ( and then she did her evil laugh), I am sure she was joking atleast I hope so! Continue reading

1st Feb MAKE-UP 030 copy

Yes Valentines day is coming up. No I don’t have a Valentine but I do have my make-up!!!

This is one of the idea’s I came up with inspired by the day of love and there for extra pink. I have named this look “Lover’s Pink”, as there will be another look coming up I thought I should name them. I hope you enjoy

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Feb 1 006 copy

Feb 1 010 copy

This eyeshadow by L’oreal is in the colour 172 Beige Shimmer. I bought this last year, as the job I had at the time I had to look glamorous but not overly made up. I thought this product was perfect. This is a very shimmery muted golden shade.

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make-up 22 jan 034 copy

Make-up loves…….. sleek’s Candy cane this is an intense eye popping hot pink.

Annoyingly this is not conveyed in the photo’s I took. I think I need a better light, I played around with my settings for ages and this was the best picture I ended up with! You’ll have t trust me on this one, it is not a colour for the faint hearted. It would be great for summer, or to look extra funky on a club night out. Continue reading

Once upon a time we all watched our beloved Disney cartoons in a distant land called childhood (and perhaps we still do from time to time despite being “all grown up”). One thing I noticed was that Purple seams to be the “bad guys” colour. The evil Queen from Snow White has two hues of purple eyeshadow, as well as Ursula from The little mermaid  who is quite literally purple!

evil_queen Walt-Disney-Production-Photos-Ursula-Vanessa-vanessa-from-the-little-mermaid-26019509-2560-1867

I created this look inspired by, the badies of Disney.

How I did this:

Make-up Dec 20 026 copyMake-up Dec 20 027 copy

  • First press Inglot No.39 a light pink/purple into the centre on the eye lid
  • Next take Inglot No.439 (a deeper purple) and place on the outer and inner third.

Make-up Dec 20 030 copy  Make-up Dec 20 037 copy

  • Create a high winged shape
  • Blend out well above the crease.

(Insure that the deeper colour doesn’t make the lighter pink too murky .)

Make-up Dec 20 042 copy


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