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Leonard nail featured image

My boyfriend painted my nails…..what do you do when you just can’t decide what colour to paint your nails….. Oh I know ask your boyfriend to choose. Hmmmm I soon as I asked him I suddenly thought “Is this a good idea?”. It was too late I gave him control.

So he didn’t actually paint my nails he just helped this indecisive lady decide what, and how to paint my nails. The first thing he said was” how many can I choose” (oh lord!) “how ever many you want” I told him. “Ok, I choose this one, because my eye was first drawn to it, (the lilac polish), this one because it’s bright like summer (the neon yellow one), and this one because it looks saucy (the berry coloured varnish)” . He totally got involved I rate him for that, but he wasn’t actually done. He then told me what order he wanted me to paint my nails: two lilac, the middle finger should be bright berry colour, then the next two finger and thumb yellow.

So that’s what I did, but me being me I had to put my own twist on it. so I embellished.

  • To create the angled straight lines at the tips of some of my fingers I used the nail foil tapes as guide lines and then peeled them off.
  • I used a sponge to create a stippled effect.
  • To create the dots….. well a dotting tool of course.

bright nail tutorial

On one of my index fingers I used the Mariah carry Gold flakes polish but I thought that this ended up looking like crap, other than that it was bright and fun. Thanks BF you crazy guy.

Products used:

leonard nail choice

Nina pro: Calypso of the heart

China Glaze: Lotus Begin

Seche Vite: Opulent

O.P.I : Pure 18k white gold and silver top coat

I hope you enjoyed

Should I let my boyfriend do other beauty related things for me??

For more tips, tricks, how- to’s and reviews, stay tuned

Tilly xx


Nov 11 Cake Make up 027 copy

I am Smitten¬†with Seche Vite….. Ok worst joke ever!!! I am not ashamed, I’m still rolling with it. This beautiful colour is a bright red with a slight orange tone to it; very retro and glam. Every time I look at my nails all I can see is a beautiful pop of colour.

This polish is of a good consistency. You could practically get away with only one coat as it goes on thick but is really smooth, with a good brush head. Of course I use my fave seche top coat to finish it off, the world’s fastest drying top coat ( so they say).

A worthwhile buy, Seche have a beautiful range of colours. Make-up loves Smitten!!

P.s On the Seche website it says that this colour is a bright pink orange with a shimmer, but that’s not at all like the one I have so I am not sure if it’s the same. I bought mine from Sallys but they have stopped stocking this range in shops but still have it on their website:click here. The code on the bottom of the bottle is 69235 (just in case).


Blanches Birthday 016 copy

I adore Seche vite, they have become my new fave’ nail polish brand . This colour here is, it’s a coral pink called Wild One. It glideson, barely needing a second coat. ¬† Continue reading